Substance Misuse Awareness Level 3
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This course is about the misuse and abuse of substances such as drugs and alcohol that are used to change a person’s state of body or mind, for reasons other than a medical need.

Substance misuse often leads to addiction, which can be defined as the continuing and compulsive misuse of substances despite physical and/or psychological harm to the user, family or society and includes both legal and illegal substances.


The term ‘substance abuse’ is now often used because of the broad range of substances (including alcohol and inhalants) that are addictive. This course explores Psychological dependence and Physical dependence and at the end of the course you will understand the following:-

Learning Outcomes

Causes and Types of Substance Misuse 

Explain the major social, personal and medical factors that can lead to substance misuse

Discus the patterns of misuse that often occur, the types of dependence that substance misuse can lead to and the stages of substance misuse that lead to addiction

Describe the range of substances commonly misused and their effects

Signs and Effects of Substance Misuse 

Explain the physical, behavioural and psychological signs of substance misuse

Describe the effects of substance misuse on health

Treatment, Rehabilitation and Legal Issues 

Explain the principles behind the range of treatments used with individuals who misuse substances

Identify the range of treatments, the purpose of rehabilitation and tips for helping individuals remain drug-free

Explain the main legislation relating to substance misuse including the National Harm Reduction Strategy

Substance Misuse Awareness Level 3
E-Learning CPD

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